We have recently been informed about a rip-off of the Official Fan Logo of Russian Football team CSKA Moscow. CSKA Moscow’s Official Fan Logo refers to the teams popular nickname ‘The Horses” and was designed in 2009 by Moscow agency, Firma Super Brand as a supporting mark to the CSKA Moscow logo (also designed by Firma). To aid in reproduction and rollout of the new brand EPS artwork of both logos was made available from Brands of the World in 2009.

Jump forward 3-4 years to when FIDE, the World Chess Federation are organising their 2013 World Chess Championship Match in Chennai, India. It appears that someone working for FIDE did some research into logos featuring a horses head (reminiscent of the knight piece in a chess set) and quite liked Firma’s CSKA Moscow Official Fan Logo.


From the overlay it appears that FIDE’s ‘designer’ decided to steal and repurpose the CSKA Moscow Official Fan logo by downloading the vector artwork of the from Brands of the World, flipping it horizontally and recolouring it. All linework is exactly the same.