ComputerLove (linked via Wayback Machine) was for the best part of a decade – from 2001-2011 – a popular online destination for creative culture, art and design. An inspirational online community and news source for designers and artists. Since the website was wound up in 2010/2011 (they still maintain a Twitter account) some unscrupulous designers apparently decided that their logo must be fair game.

It appears that Suki Design Studio from Barcelona, Spain, took more than a little inspiration from ComputerLove and decided to steal the ComputerLove logo of their client Labuga, a laundromat.


From the overlay you can see that whilst the logo has been redrawn, the linework of the original ComputerLove logo has been completely replicated. Suki have even copied the exact lineweights of the original in their plagiarised Labuga logo.