Apparently Russian ‘designer’ Alex Curtis didn’t think anyone would notice when he ripped off the logo one of the largest financial institutions in Eastern Europe and published it in his Behance portfolio. Though as it turns out, someone did.

We recently received a tip-off from a concerned Polish designer who had spotted a blatant rip-off of one of the most recognisable brands in Poland, the logo of PZU which had been refreshed in 2012 by Michal Lojewski of Polish brand agency White Cat Studio.


From the overlay you can see that Mr. Curtis has simply traced over the PZU logo to create his TechInput logo. The circular forms, the size, style and relationship of the typography and the colour palette have been replicated almost exactly.


Update January 18th: We were recently notified that the PZU logo was actually designed by Michal Lojewski of White Cat Studio, rather than PZL as originally listed.