Deividas Bielskis aka Contrast 8 contacted us again last week to let us know about another case of plagiarism perpetrated against him, this time by Indian web design business Arigel.

It appears that someone working for Arigel appreciated Deividas’ original Sakalas logo so much that they decided to steal it and use it for the logo of their client U20 Network, an alumni association in India.


From the overlay you can see that Arigel have made some effort in the version of the logo shown on the U20 Network website to redraw the linework, however the logo is still clearly a traced version of Deividas’ original.

Update 5th January: When originally published we believed that Rockstah Media had plagiarised Deividas’ work and we listed them as the perpetrators of this case of plagiarism. We have since been made aware that this is not the case and that the work was in fact plagiarised by Arigel and provided to Rockstah Media unknowingly.