Over the years Jeff Fisher of Jeff Fisher LogoMotives has seen numerous cases of his logo work being appropriated by others, and like Jan Zabransky he too keeps an impressive collection of rip offs of his work on his Facebook page.

Over the years my design work has been “appropriated’ by others on numerous occasions. Creative Directors and Art Directors have found examples being claimed as original work in the physical and online portfolios of others. Peers in the industry have found it being submitted as the original work of others in online logo “contests.” It has also been found for sale on a variety of “logo mill” sites. At times my designs have simply been blatantly ripped off by so-called “designers” for their own use. I’ve also found examples myself through the use of reverse image search engines. I always appreciate others taking the time to bring such situations to my attention.

Today we are showing examples of Jeff’s Cat Adoption Team logo one of many of Jeff’s original logos that have found their way into the hands of dishonest ‘designers’.

Being published in over a dozen books, inclusion in numerous online cat logo inspiration collections and international design honors, has made the C.A.T. logo an easy target for rip offs in over a dozen countries around the world – and just as easy for a vigilant design community to recognize.


You can see a full collection of Jeff’s collected logo rip offs here.