We were recently contacted by Rolando Murillo of Murillo Design as he had discovered that Cerebra, a social media agency from Johannesburg, South Africa was sporting a logo which bore a striking resemblance to his work.

It appears that a nefarious individual employed by Cerebra quite liked Rolando’s original Creative Club of San Antonio logo which he designed in 2001 and was published in LogoLounge 2 (and on the LogoLounge website) in 2005.


As can be seen in the overlay, apart from the logo being recoloured and flipped horizontally the linework is exactly the same, a direct copy of Rolando’s original work.

It is interesting to note that in June of this year Cerebra were trying to replace the stolen logo for $299 through a 99Designs Competition.

Update 3rd December: Cerebra’s CEO Mike Stopforth has contacted LogoThief to set the record straight (comments below). It appears that the logo was appropriated by a dishonest employee of Cerebra. Mr. Stopforth has indicated that he would like to compensate Rolando for the use of his work and that Cerebra are in the process of a rebrand which is due to be rolled out next month.