Graphic Designer Roy Smith recently discovered that Epic Nation Apparel, a streetwear brand from Kenya had appropriated his EZ logo from his LogoPond portfolio.

I have asked Epic Nation repeatedly to remove my logo from their site. Unbelievably, they asked me to show written proof of copyright!

Roy is right to stand his ground as international copyright laws gives him (as the creator of the work) exclusive rights to it’s reproduction or adaptation.

As can be seen in the overlay below all that Epic National Apparel have done is redraw the forms of Roy’s EZ logo and rotate it 36 degrees to create their logo.


Since being contacted by Roy, Epic Nation Apparel have made some effort to change the logo by rounding out the edges of the ‘e’ shape (examples below) however as you can see the new version is still clearly a rip of Roy’s original concept. Roy accepts this as a compromise, but his original logo can still be seen on their apparel on their Facebook page.

Update 27th November: Epic Nation have issued a statement in an aim to save face with their local audience – Link 1/Link 2. As yet they appear to have made no effort to remove Roy’s original logo from their Facebook and Twitter pages, nor has any assurance been made that it will no longer be used on merchandise.