Nick Irwin of AddisonWhitney contacted LogoThief earlier this week to let us know about an interesting case of plagiarism perpetrated by Erwin Penland Advertising when ‘designing’ the logo for ScanSource, a distributor of point-of-sale, communication and security products and services based in Greenville, South Carolina.

It appears that the folks at EP quite liked the logo that Nick designed at AddisonWhitney in 2010 for investment advisory firm SteelPath and decided to lift it entirely (with a few minor tweaks) for their rebrand of ScanSource in July of this year.


As can be seen in the overlay the S mark in the ScanSource logo is an almost exact copy of the SteelPath S Mark. All that Erwin Penland Advertising appear to have done is rotate the mark -140 degrees and recolour it. The proportions of the mark and relationship between the forms are exactly the same.

Nick has initiated contact with Erwin Penland Advertising but has yet to receive any response.


On the ScanSource website we were able to find quite a lot of examples of the plagiarised logo including the ScanSource brand standards document which is linked below.