Louise Fili is world reknowned for crafting some of the most exquisite restaurant identities, one such example being the finely crafted logo for Aventino – an Italian restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas. We recently discovered that Marie’s, an Italian deli in New York City was sporting a blatant rip of Louise’s Aventino logo as their new logo.

Update 22nd November: Marie’s have removed the logo from their website and replaced it with a message stating that a new logo is coming soon.

Update 23rd November from Weekend Heller: It appears that Marie’s purchased this logo rip off for $24.99 from a ‘off shore logo firm’ who stole the work from Louise Fili’s portfolio. According to Felix Sockwell who uncovered the case:

The owner volunteered to remove everything with the logo, menus, tee shirts, etc. He is thoroughly ashamed and angry, and says he should’ve known what to expect at that price.

Update 3rd December: Felix Sockwell is working with Marie’s on a new logo.