We can forgive you for not knowing that French designer Abdallah Ahizoune designed the logo for popular Showtime series Masters of Sex because he did not knowingly do so.

Abdallah created his Erotic Type concept in 2011 and displayed it in his portfolios on Dribbble and Behance. At some point after that a nefarious ‘designer’ choose to steal Abdallah’s original concept and present it to the producers of Masters of Sex as their own work.

Donald Buckley, Showtime’s executive vice president of program marketing and digital services in an article in TV Guide mentions that the logo was designed by a ‘freelancer’. At this stage we have been unable to find the name of this person, though we will update this story as soon as we find out more.

LogoThief firmly believes that Abdallah Ahizoune should be recognised as the designer of the Masters of Sex logo and fully compensated for his work.