We’re a little late to the party with this post as El Mozo in Mexico City, a bar and restaurant who unknowingly purchased a plagiarised logo from marketing company Mono Armada is no longer in business.

This probably came as some comfort to Mono Armada as until now it was largely unknown that the logo they sold to El Mozo was a plagiarised version of Hugo den Ouden‘s Mouserious logo, lifted from his LogoPond portfolio.


Whilst not entirely traced from Hugo’s original, it is blatantly obvious that Mono Armada were heavily ‘influenced’ by the Mouserious logo and elements such as the eyes, mouth, bowtie and bowler hat were exactly replicated (though resized and/or repositioned) in their logo.

Though the work has now been removed from the El Mozo website, Facebook page and Twitter account we were able to get our hands on the below snapshots from Hugo’s records as well as Google Image Search. We were also able to find one profile for El Mozo still in existence on Foursquare.