We were recently contacted by several people wanting to let us know of this recent case of plagiarism whereby designer Fraser Davidson‘s London Monarchs Logo was appropriated for the logo of a new amateur football team from Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.

It appears that someone working for the Fort McMurray Football Club quite liked Fraser’s original London Monarchs logo and decided to steal the logo for their new team, also known as the Monarchs.


From the overlay we can see that the majority of the linework of the Fort McMurray Monarchs Logo is traced directly from Fraser’s original, the only elements that appear to be original are the badly drawn border and the colour scheme.

When Fraser discovered that the logo had been stolen he got in contact with the Fort McMurray Monarchs and was informed that they had discussed the issue with their ‘logo designer/website designer’ who had told them that as the mark had to his reckoning been changed by 10% from the original and that Fort McMurray Monarchs were a non-profit organisation that this was fair use.

We are sure we don’t need to explain the 10% change myth to our readers (search ‘Copyright Myths’ in Google if you need clarification). Copying someone’s work breaches copyright law, and as the designer of the original work Fraser owns all rights to it’s reproduction and/or adaptation.

It appears that Fort McMurray Football Club have removed their Facebook Page which showed the plagiarised logo and have created a locked Facebook group in it’s place, however we were able to find the below examples using Google Image Search.