Chris Mitchell of Epic Icons is a British illustrative designer best known for his award winning illustrated icons and logos for consumer brands all around the world. Like most designers, Chris’ Epic Icons website contains an extensive online portfolio of past projects.

It appears that this portfolio was a godsend for Canadian ‘designer’ Patrick Tero as when he needed a bulldog illustration for a $200 contest he was taking part in on crowd sourcing website DesignCrowd all he had to do was browse Chris’ portfolio and steal his original Bulldog Trust logo.


From the overlay it is obvious to LogoThief that all Mr. Tero did was to autotrace Chris’s original Bulldog Trust logo and remove the white area from the dog’s hind leg. He was then able to upload the work to DesignCrowd and pass off Chris’ work off as his own.

We are not sure exactly how many times Mr. Tero has repeated this process in an effort to win competitions on DesignCrowd, but he is listed on their blog as one of the ‘Top 20 Logo Designers from Canada‘ and he has to date earned $10,266 from plying his wares on the website.

We imagine that as someone with no morals it would be quite easy for Mr. Tero to repeat this process over and over again, selling stolen work from professional designers’ portfolios on bargain basement crowdsourcing websites.. as long as no one catches you out of course.