Graphic designer Mateusz Turbiński contacted LogoThief to let us know about the plagiarism of his original Emag logo.

It appears that Indonesian ‘designer’ M. Fairuzulhaq who also operates under the names Rapsick, Ve and Vast had reworked Mateusz’s Emag logo for the express purpose of selling the fraudulent work on his BrandCrowd profile in January this year.


Whilst the final DeltaBird logo is not exactly the same as the Emag logo it is obvious that the original artwork was traced over and used as the basis for Mr. Fairuzulhaq’s rip-off. The overall style and proportions and the unique forms of the wing, tail and the linework of the legs are (although moved or – in the case of the wing – resized) exactly replicated.


Since being contacted by Mateusz, Mr. Fairuzulhaq has removed the fraudulent work from his LogoPond portfolio and his BrandCrowd profile however using the Wayback Machine we were able to find the various examples above/below. Mr. Fairuzulhaq is also still maintaining and keeps the work in his Pinterest portfolio in an attempt to sell the fraudulent work and associated domain name.