Graphic Designer Laura Farnen contacted us last week to let us know about a case of plagiarism whereby Rauf Aliyev a ‘designer’ from Azerbaijan was passing off a traced version of her original Patisserie Valerie logo – which Laura had designed in 2010 as a university project – as his own work.

A former classmate told me she had seen a blatantly stolen version of my logo floating around the internet. I’ve been continuously checking for more websites that Mr. Aliyev has been uploading the logo onto, and most are extremely helpful in removing the posts and/or disabling his account. Every once in a while, though, a new one appears. Who knows how many other designers this man has stolen from!


From the overlay above it looks to us like all Mr. Aliyev did to create his Signorina logo was autotrace Laura’s original, recolour it and pair it with some poorly chosen and badly kerned type.

Update 8th December: The plagiarised work has been removed from LogoMoose.