Tirol is a popular tourism region, the “Heart of the Alps” in Austria and all marketing efforts for the region since the 1970s have been represented by the above custom workmark designed by Austrian designer and illustrator Arthur Zelger. According to the Tirol Tourism Board’s website the logo has been registered internationally since 1984.

It appears that in 1987 when the owners of a new restaurant in Porto Alegre, Brazil were looking for a name and logo they decided to lift the Tirol wordmark entirely for their new venture. Over the past 26 years their business has grown and is now run by the descendants of the original owners. Throughout this time Tirol Restaurant has continued to use various slightly redrawn versions of the logo, the newest version being employed for their new franchised business, the fittingly named Tirol Unique.


From the overlay you can see that since the original rip-off in the 1980s the two logos have been redrawn at different times meaning that the linework of the two current versions is slightly different from each other. It is still clearly evident to LogoThief that the Tirol Restaurant logo remains a direct copy of Arthur Zelger’s original 1970s Tirol wordmark.