ITV is the largest commercial television network in the United Kingdom. In January 2013 the network rolled out a well documented rebrand spearheaded in-house by ITV Creative across their five channels in the UK as well as their online and on-demand products.

At some point in the ensuing months it appears that someone working for Raleigh, NC based VOIP and internet provider Bandwidth decided to lift the new ITV logo for their own rebrand.


As can be seen in the overlay shown above it is obvious that the core of the Bandwidth logo is built from a direct trace of the stem and bowl from the ITV ‘t’. This trace is first used to create the ‘b’ of the Bandwidth mark, then the lower curve of the traced ‘b’ has been copied and flipped to create the forms of the Bandwidth ‘w’. One tell-tale sign being the clumsily repeated bump on the top of the ‘u’ shape, originally the connection of the ‘t’ and ‘v’ in the ITV logo it serves no discernable purpose in the Bandwidth mark – except of course to reveal it’s lineage.

The snapshots below have been gathered from Bandwidth’s website and social media profiles.