We were notified yesterday by Alen Pavlovic of Type08 that he had recently discovered a blatant rip-off of some of his work by Belgian ‘designer’ Bert Dries who trades under the name Musketon.

As far as we can tell Mr. Dries quite liked the Lion Logo Concept that Alen uploaded to his Dribbble portfolio in November 2012, so much so in fact that when he was approached by the youth services program of the Belgian province of Limburg, Jeugddienst Limburg, Mr. Dries decided to redraw Alen’s lion and present it to his new client as his own idea.


As can be seen in the overlay above it is obvious that whilst the artwork is ever so slightly different, the Jeugddienst Limburg lion’s face is clearly a direct trace of Alen’s original.

We find it quite funny that Mr. Dries details his process for ‘creating’ the plagiarised work on his Musketon website, though LogoThief feels that he is remiss in not telling his audience about the first step in his process – finding someone’s work to steal.


Update 23rd February: We have updated this post as the original post wrongly identified Toon Carpentier as the culprit. Whilst Mr. Carpentier works with Mr. Dries on the Musketon business he was not in fact the one who ripped off Alen’s work.