Bojan Stefanovic of Logoholik recently let us know about the online portfolio of Robin Studio. It appears that Robin Singh, the ‘designer’ behind Robin Studio has filled his portfolio with the work of others in an effort to trick potential clients into working with him on eLance.

Bojan originally contacted Mr. Singh over a year ago when he discovered that the Robin Studio portfolio was entirely lifted from his own Logoholik website. It would now appear that Mr. Singh has restocked his portfolio of theft with the work of many other designers.

The portfolio itself contains over 50+ examples of various types of design work, we are not sure exactly how much of the work shown is stolen from others portfolios however we have identified the logos below as being the work of five different, talented designers. The Boston Bruins Logo Concept and the Gamer Coach Logo are both the work of Matt Kauzlarich, the Boston Bruins Logo Concept can be seen here in his LogoPond portfolio and the Gamer Coach Logo can be seen here in his DeviantArt porfolio. The Weeger Productions Logo was designed by XO and can be seen in his DeviantArt portfolio here. The Webtangle Logo is the work of Studio Brahma and can be seen here in their Creattica Portfolio. The CCCP logo was designed by Igor Duibanov and can be seen in his portfolio here. The Milk Shake Logo was designed by Eduardo Mejia and can be seen in his DeviantArt portfolio here.

Our suggestion would be to anyone seeking to hire Robin Singh or Robin Studio that they instead hire one of his victims.