Last week we were notified about a blatant rip-off of the logo of iconic London luxury hotel, Claridge’s.

As far as we can tell the folks at Reynolds and Reyner quite liked the Claridge’s rebrand completed by Construct London in 2010, so much so in fact that when they were hired to brand a new London-themed café in Kiev, Ukraine called Coffee House London, they decided to all but trace Construct’s Claridge’s crest.


Whilst the overlay does help to highlight the differences in the two crests there are some clear telltale signs in the cross forms in the centre of the crest and the curled borders on the left, right and top of the frame, never mind of course the form of the entire logo.

The boys at Reynolds and Reyner have done a great job of entirely replicating the style, logo and implied heritage of the Claridge’s mark for they client, so if you are looking for someone to steal you a nice logo for your new coffee shop, you should drop them a line.